AI Researcher

AstraZeneca, Cambridge

Academy House, CB2 8PA

I have joined AstraZeneca in Cambridge as an AI Researcher in the Respiratory and Immunology machine learning group.

Prior to that, I was a Research Associate on the SpeechWave project at the Department of Engineering, King’s College London. The project involved a collaboration with the Center for Speech Technology Research, University of Edinburgh. The main focus of the project was on developing learning algorithms for noise robust speech recognition in the waveform domain. Prior to joining King’s College London, I worked as a Research Assistant at the University of Nottingham whilst being a doctoral candidate at the University of Bonn. Namely, I started my doctorate at the Department of Informatics in Bonn and moved to the UK shortly after my advisor accepted a professorship in Nottingham.


I am interested in theoretical aspects of machine learning and techniques for the design and analysis of computationally efficient learning algorithms. In addition to this, I am interested in artificial intelligence and its applications such as speech recognition and the design of materials and molecules. I also maintain an active interest in numerical and functional analysis, causality, randomized algorithms, non-convex optimization, graph theory, and signal processing. My primary research interests include:

  1. Robust representation learning
  2. Kernel methods
    • Scalability
    • Indefinite kernels
    • Inductive bias
  3. Active learning / search with a focus on the design of molecules and materials

I am also closely following the developments in the following machine learning research areas:

  1. Reliable and robust machine learning
  2. Causal generative models and causal inference
  3. Active optimization
  4. Bayesian deep learning
  5. Federated learning
  6. Self-supervised learning